Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Rains ...

Alas, the rains have come. Pros and cons. Cooler weather, always good. No stifling hot car in the afternoon, great. Green foliage everywhere, major plus.

But imagine the dust that I have spoken about before, now covered in water. Dust and water makes mud. And mud is one thing. But mud when the roads are not paved, there are no sidewalks, no concrete or pavement to be seen - that is another kind of mud altogether!

It is mud that becomes like slop that covers your feet until you can't see your shoes. Covers your floors, your car, your shower (when you try to wash the mud off of your legs).

And that amount of mud is no good.

Oh well, these are only the "short rains" - just wait for the "long rains" - I will loose my mind.

I have only done the long rains once here in Tanzania - the first time I volunteered for Rift Valley back in 2004. I have blocked those mud memories from my mind.

So, be grateful for the pavement in your communities. Trees too. But pavement most of all.

More to come ...

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