Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hathaway Brown Alumni Profile

I am posting because Hathaway Brown (my Alma mater) recently published an article about my experiences in Africa. It is a lovely article and I was honored that they wanted to include my story in their magazine. The article gives a link to this blog - in order for people to read more about The African Orphan Education Fund. This site is my blog, which I used mostly while I lived in Tanzania this past year - but it doesn't have info on the Fund.
The website for The African Orphan Education Fund is:
If you are reading this, hoping to learn more about the Fund, please follow the link about to the actual site. Your interest is truly appreciated!
I am very grateful to HB for helping to raise awareness about the current situation in Tanzania and Africa. Orphans around the word deserve to go to school!
Thanks - Meredith