Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Even more!

We had more of RVCV's new additions down at FAME for their physicals ...

Introducing ...

Lucia (age 3) - who is Natalie's older sister - Natalie, who came in September.

Maria (age 7) and her younger siblings ...

Micheal and Gabrielle (age 3) and TWINS!!!

And finally, here is pic of Musa who came in September as well, but who I haven't had a chance to photograph until now! You can believe the difference in this little guy in five short months!
They just keep pouring in! Keep them all in your thoughts as they make the difficult transition to a new life and a new family.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

And then there were more!

This afternoon the next three additions to the Rift Valley Children's Village arrived at clinic for their physicals. These three were all a whole lot LESS afraid than the four kiddos yesterday. All three smiled and laughed. They came right in the clinic and gave me a big hug! But the flushing toilet was no less frightening for them than it is for every kid who comes to RVCV from a rural area.

Introducing ...

Baraka (10 yrs) ...

Hadija (7 yrs) ...

And Ali (5 yrs).

And again, other than the obvious malnutrition, these three are in great shape!

Dr. ME with Baraka during his physical.

Nurse Emma with Ali during his physical.

What amazing additions to the family!

New Additions to RVCV

Rift Valley Children's Village has completed construction of a new children's home and this week begins the intake process for new children. Four new kids - a sibling group - were picked up on Monday evening and brought to the clinic first thing on Tuesday morning for full physicals.

Introducing ...

This is Eric (9 yrs) ...

Frajah (7 yrs) ...

Elibaraka (5 yrs) ...

and last but not least, little Neema (2 1/2 yrs).

Here is Dr. Mary Ellen Shields (an American pediatrician) and her daughter Emma (a pediatric ICU nurse) who are currently volunteering with Dr. Frank. Perfect timing to help out with these new kids!

Here is Eric - so skinny!

Here is Elibaraka - all smiles and giggles the whole day - he must feel like he has hit the jackpot! He is pictured with Dr. Steve Watson (from Canada) who is currently volunteering with India and was the one to bring the kiddos down to clinic for their check ups!

Here is Farajah getting weighed!

All four kids are very malnourished and a few had funzas, but otherwise they are in good shape. Give them a couple of weeks at RVCV and you won't even recognize them!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all!

May the new year bring to you and your family
the joy and health you desire!

Addison (7months) and Coleton (5months)!