Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

With Thanksgiving upon us, I felt it was timely to tell you about a little boy who came to the clinic a few weeks ago. He came with his mom - not making a sound - totally stoic. His feet were wrapped in a kanga, a traditional Tanzanian piece of fabric.

Everyone quickly discovered that this poor little boy had extensive third degree burns covering the tops and bottoms of his feet. And the burns were weeks old, and infected.

Dr. Frank sedated the little guy so that he wouldn't feel a thing, and the FAME team got to work debrieding the wounds and applying burn meds.

This process was repeated twice more. And on the third return visit this little guy RAN into the clinic. His feet were healing so well that he couldn't keep still.

The funniest part was that having been sedated three separate times, he thought that was part of coming to the clinic. But the wounds were doing so well he no longer needed it. As the team began to remove some of the dead skin, he asked for lala - sleep in swahili - he wasn't sedation! That is how good Frank is - patients ask for his services!

This little guy might have lost both of his feet were it not for the FAME team and their ability to heal him.

He is grateful. His mom is grateful.

And we here at FAME Medical are grateful too. For all of the love, support and generosity that we have received from those back home - making a story like this one possible!

Happy Thanksgiving! Love from everyone at FAME Africa!

Happy little guy!

His feet after all three treatments.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Been a while ...

It is pretty obvious that it has been a while since I last posted a blog.

So I wanted to share that a lot has happened over the past three weeks.

I am currently in custody of two babies. Much like being a foster parent in the US. Both babies have single birth moms who can’t currently care for them. Both birth moms would like for me to adopt them. I hope so too.

One is a little boy of 4 months, the other a little girl of 6 months.

But an “official” adoption is a long way off. Adoption in Tanzania is long and difficult. And there are NEVER any guarantees of the out-come.

So, that is why it has been so long since I last wrote a blog. I have been a bit busy changing diapers, making bottles, dealing with the reality of basically having twins.

I am not prepared to give details, show pictures, etc, until things are more of a “sure thing.” As soon as I have more news to share, I will! I am simply trying to get to them both and enjoy each day with them.

Please keep all three of us in your thoughts and prayers in the coming months!

Missing everyone back home!

With love …

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Rains ...

Alas, the rains have come. Pros and cons. Cooler weather, always good. No stifling hot car in the afternoon, great. Green foliage everywhere, major plus.

But imagine the dust that I have spoken about before, now covered in water. Dust and water makes mud. And mud is one thing. But mud when the roads are not paved, there are no sidewalks, no concrete or pavement to be seen - that is another kind of mud altogether!

It is mud that becomes like slop that covers your feet until you can't see your shoes. Covers your floors, your car, your shower (when you try to wash the mud off of your legs).

And that amount of mud is no good.

Oh well, these are only the "short rains" - just wait for the "long rains" - I will loose my mind.

I have only done the long rains once here in Tanzania - the first time I volunteered for Rift Valley back in 2004. I have blocked those mud memories from my mind.

So, be grateful for the pavement in your communities. Trees too. But pavement most of all.

More to come ...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Been a while

I apologize for the delay since my last blog. We have had house guests and tons of sick patients. It hasn't let up for days.

And as the safari season begins to get busier and busier, we have more and more Europeans and Americans with digestion shida (trouble).

The other day we had a group of 12 Parisian tourists - ALL SICK!!! Our beds were full and the extras overflowed onto the verandas.

In addition, we are waiting here with baited breath for the election. The village in Kenya, where Barack Obama's father's family is from, is waiting too. They have lined up dozens of bulls, cows, goats and chicken - ready to slaughter them all and celebrate his victory. No cows for me, but I am ready too!

The weather has also changed - the hot hot hot sun has arrived and there is no escape!

Oh, and for those without Facebook - I PASSED THE BAR EXAM!!!!! My best friend from law school looked it up online and emailed me on Friday - it was a wonderful Saturday morning surprise!

It has been a good week! Missing everyone! Hoping all is well back home!