Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Such is Africa

It is Wednesday again, so Mary and I had grand plans for our parenting class this morning at the orphanage. But alas, the head Mama and some of her staff had to go to Arusha for a "funeral" and so they asked to cancel the session. Susan told me that they have had a lot of "funerals in Arusha" lately. Oh well. We will try again next week.

I have officially moved into my little house. Yesterday, as I finished unpacking, I heard what I thought were voices in the backyard. Upon further inspection it was only a cow in the yard next to mine, munching away. So much for noisy neighbors.

Susan and I are heading into Arusha tomorrow to stock up. Karatu is booming but the shopping options are still pretty limited.

I have been feeling very accomplished lately; I hooked up my own water filter, hung my own mosquito net, and have begun driving on the left side of the road (the dirt road, more aptly referred to as the rut filled dust bowl that people around here call "the road") - things I never had to do back home.

We had a good laugh last night at dinner. Susan asked how things at the new house were going. I told them that my shower was extremely relaxing. Relaxing because you can barely call it a shower. More like a heavy dripping. And when you try to wash your hair in a heavy dripping you basically just have to stand there for quite some time and wait. Hence, quite a relaxing shower.

All in all it has been a successful start to my time here with Frank and Susan.

I hope that all is well back home - the news on the economic front has looked pretty grim from what I have had time to read on the web.

More to come ...

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