Monday, August 24, 2009

Such a Success Story!

Here is the update I just received about our AOEF Scholarship Recipient Josephat, from Andy Trotter, the Education Director at RVCV:
This kid's a star! First time I met Josephat was in May when he was up at Gyetighi helping to lead a community health seminar with village leaders. He wrapped up Form 6 earlier this year and got Division 1 (the highest possible) on the Form 6 exam. He hung out here at RVCV for a few weeks while he was looking for part-time work and applying to universities. Helped so much!
Was the lead teacher in setting up a tuition program (review course) for 4 weeks at Gyetighi for all our sponsored secondary schools and expanded it to most of the kids in the area who were home on vacation (more than 50 students). Taught classes five days per week from 8:00-4:30 for a small stipend and laid the groundwork to continue the program to keep these kids engaged in learning and away from negative influences during long school vacations. He even included counseling with the students to give them advice about staying out of trouble and handling peer pressure.
He's a pro-active leader, studious, respectful, and a great critical thinker. Now he's helping out with maize harvesting, etc at home until he starts university on Oct 17. He got accepted to multiple universities but decided on Dar University for a BA in Education. His dream is to start up a school of his own! I have no doubt we'll be sending kids to his school in the not so distant future. Dynamite and driven student! Worth every penny of investment. Asante sana for giving him a chance to shine!"
Thanks Andy for the update. And CONGRATS to Josephat on getting into COLLEGE!!!
We are so proud!

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