Thursday, July 2, 2009

Whats New

First of all, it is SO good to have Frank and Susan back in Tanzania and back at work here at FAME! It was a long seven weeks without them!
A couple of weeks ago I met a man in town, who approached me - knowing that I work at a clinic - because he is in need of a prosthetic foot. His leg/ankle/foot were cut off by a neighbor during a dispute of some kind. And although the injury is healed, he can't work because he can't walk.

I took my friend Amiri to see him. Amiri works for an organization dedicated to helping people with disabilities. With my very limited Swahili I wasn't much help, but this gentleman and Amiri had a good talk about what was required - cost, travel, etc. And the plans are in the works to get this man to a rehab center where he will be fitted for a prosthetic foot. Hopefully, he will then be able to work and help support his family.

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